• Welcome to MyThrottle

    Welcome to MyThrottle

    MyThrottle.net is a motorcycle rider network that enables riders to chat, create events, post pictures and search for other riders in your area!
  • Ride With Us

    Ride With Us

    MyThrottle provides motorcycle clubs, organizations, and individual riders with tools to get organized before the ride.  Group event messaging, discussions, and attendance reporting are just a few of the features.  Besides, real riders don't care to see your mom's latest Facebook status update.
  • It's Free!

    It's Free!

    At MyThrottle.net, you're part of a global community of motorcycle riders of all kinds, types, and backgrounds. There is no tolerance for ignorance. Sign up, it's FREE!
  • Rider Community

    Rider Community

    Pop in to the community and interact with other riders.  Share your experiences, photos, and videos.  Create events or start your own rider group.  MyThrottle does not collect or share any personal information, so put your mind at ease and come join us on the ride!
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Our Promises

  • Expectation +

    Expectation No gimmicks or obtrusive ads to get in the way of your experience. Spammers are dealt with quickly and permanently.  Members are allowed to express themselves by sharing pictures, videos, and status messages. Show us what you ride and stop by the forums to say hello!
  • Free +

    Free Yes, it's worth mentioning again.  The site was developed by a motorcycle enthusiast for motorcycle enthusiasts.  Signing up doesn't cost anything and you have nothing to lose.  It is also worth mentioning that we are NOT a dating site.
  • We will +

    We will 1.  Provide a bias free rider environment. 2.  Deal with spammers and obnoxious members. 3.  Provide the latest updates to ensure a safe and unique web experience.
  • We will not +

    We will not 1. Sell any information you post. 2. Ask for any sensitive information. 3. Bombard you with unwanted products or newsletters.
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